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I had a pocket full of dreams, but I gave them all to you. ♥

~don't ever change the way you are~

nakajima yuto; too darling for words. <3
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n a k a j i m a yuto
You don’t have to be afraid of failures - DASH

You have stumbled across yutoaday, a picture-a-day community
dedicated to the darling, cute, hyper, bouncy, perfect, and irresistible Nakajima Yuto.
Why not joining us to spread the sweetness? Yuto=love. ♥

♛ drummer prince ♛

Kanji: 中島 裕翔
Nick Names: Yuto, Nakajima, Nakayan, Yutti, Yutorin
Birthdate: August 10th, 1993
Zodiac: Leo
Profession: Singer, Actor
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Shoe size: 26.5 cm
Former groups: J.J. Express, Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
Respected Senior: Takizawa Hideaki
Favorite Food: Horse sashimi, Strawberry, Meat, Mango
Disliked Food: Shimeji (mushroom)
Family: Mother, Father, younger brother (Nakajima Raiya)
Charming Point: Hoarsing voice, mole under his left eye
Favorite Thing To Do: Laugh and entertain his friends
Favorite Phrase: Don't give up!
Closest Friend: Yamada Ryosuke & Okamoto Keito

♛ lil facts ♛

» He has studied Karate.
» He has many talents such as play drums, archery, tapping, moonwalking, horse back riding and photography.
» He is being loved by many fans due to his sweet and caring personality.
» He loves animals, especially dogs. He has two dogs; Tamu and Raido.
» Chinen always trick Yuto and Yuto always fell for it making them the best trick or treat duo
» He considers Yamada Ryosuke as his best friend because they go to school and share secrets together.
» Yabu claimed that he likes to slap Yuto's butt.
» He likes to be treated as an ordinary person.
» In HSJ, he can monomane many things such as Tanoshingo's Chuu Nyuu and rooster in pursuit.
» He's not good with aeroplane.
» He is friendly and easy to get along with.
» He has stated in various interviews that he would go out with Yamada Ryosuke if he were a girl.
» He has admitted to doting on his little brother, Raiya, excessively.
» He graduated from Horikoshi on February, along with Yamada and Chinen.
» He loves making JUMP members as his own drum set, victims; Inoo and Arioka

♛ konbannu ♛

Rejoice fangirls! A brand new, alternative community for Nakajima Yuto has just opened last September 24th, 2012 ♥ "Konbannu", a greeting word that is frequently used by Yuto when he begin his speech on HS7UP radio show. It's a word that was originated from Konbanwa by Yuto to make fans happy and laugh (plus, it was really cute). There are lot of downloads, graphics and more for your pleasure so what are you waiting for? Go join or watch konbannu :D

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